Women's Defensive Weaponry Club

Range Requirements:

  1. Bring your pistol if you have one housed in a gun bag/rug, case or tote, unloaded of course, and you will need ammunition.  We have several club guns to use if you don’t have one, please let us know. 
  2. You can purchase firearms, accessories and ammo at Mr. Pawn, Mesquite, NV (they can search their other 3 locations in the Vegas area as well) and ACE Hardware/Gun shop, Overton, NV.  Both have excellent pricing, a good selection and very courteous service.
  3. Ammo can also be purchased from Wal-Mart, Rowdy's Indoor Range & Sportsman's Warehouse in St George or online at SportsmansGuide.com.
  4. The range is a cold range which means you do not remove your gun from the bag/case/holster or load your gun until at the firing line and in front of the Instructor or Range Safety Officer, RSO, they are in red shirts or red caps/hats.  We will have other guns at the range for you to try and we can help you determine what firearm would be best for you.  If a first time shooter or rusty, inquire about our Beginners/Brush up shooting classes.
  5. You will need a brimmed hat or baseball type cap, earplugs or earmuffs (we have earplugs), safety glasses (sun glasses will suffice), wear tennis shoes or something comfortable, basically dress for the outdoors.

WDW Fees (please see "Schedule & Events" page for classes & activities dates/time/info) :

  • Nevada CCW permit class $100.00, renewal $50.00, co-ed
  • Post CCW Retention & Presentation, practical application, class is $100.00, co-ed
  • Beginners/Brush-up shooting class $75.00, ladies only or co-ed
  • WDW club annual membership fee is $50.00

  • WDW club daily club shoot range fee is $10.00
  • WDW club one-time guest fee is $15.00
  • Private instruction for organizations, group or individuals is $35.00 per hour each
  • Please bring ammo especially if using club guns, 9mm & .22's, jacketed only for .22's


The following first two documents are for class/club shoot attendees' reference only and the second two must be filled out and submitted at initial club shoot or classes.

CCW permit and Retention & Presentation (post CCW) class locations are TBD, registration is required, we will send all information to those interested.

Club shoots and classes are held at the Nezona Hunting & Fishing Club, aka Hafen Ranch.  Class registration & confirmation is required.  The Nezona Hunting & Fishing Club is privately owned, there is no unauthorized personnel allowed.  Please contact us for information, directions and/or to register for a class.