Women's Defensive Weaponry Club

Biography of Peggy Pope

A graduate of the NRA Basic Pistol Student and Instructor and Personal Protection Inside the Home Student and Instructor courses.

As the co-founder and Managing Member of the Women’s Defensive Weaponry Club, LLC, Peggy Pope also owns CAppTech, Computer Applications and Technology Service, located in Mesquite, NV.  CAppTech has been conducting business for twelve years and was voted “Best of Mesquite” Mesquite Local News Readers Poll from 2011 to 2017.  Peggy was nominated as Volunteer of the Year 2013 for her contribution towards fundraising and tech support for the local Chamber of Commerce.  On a personal note, Peggy won dual Gold Medals in the Mesquite Senior Games Target Pistol Competition, 2013 and 2014, for Rim Fire and Center Fire.

Biography of Becky Hoff
A graduate of the NRA Range Safety Officer, Basic Pistol Student and Instructor, Personal Protection Inside the Home Student and Instructor and Personal Protection Outside the Home Student and Instructor courses.

Becky Hoff is second founder of Women’s Defensive Weaponry Club, LLC.  Becky has more than 25 years experience in Information Technology that includes computer networking, creating and maintaining databases, computer repair, and website design.  She is the owner of BizTechnv, a Mesquite, Nevada based company.  Becky has three college degrees, a B.S. in Management of Information Systems an M.S. in Computer Information Systems both from the University of Phoenix and an MBA in International Business from the American Intercontinental University.  Becky has as well won medals in the Mesquite Senior Games pistol competition for rimfire, 2013 and 2014, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The two started the club in an effort to help women be prepared for a potential threat by learning how to defend themselves with or without weaponry.  The goal is to reach out and educate as many women as they can about self-defense with emphasis on Awareness, Empowerment and the Personal Safety Zone.

Both contribute their time to repair computers and other office electronics for the Mesquite Veterans Center among other needy non-profit organizations in town.