Women's Defensive Weaponry Club


The Women’s Defensive Weaponry Club is an organization meant to help women with various forms of self-defense from pistol handling including target practice to personal self-defense or hand to hand contact. 

Shooting and Training/CCW permit classes

Check schedule & events page for shooting dates/time, typically 1:00 in the winter and 9:00 in the warmer months. 

We try to have gun related information and/or demonstrate accessories prior to practice with ongoing support at shoot meets.

Club shooting activities include target practice with traditional, enjoyable or simulated realistic scenarios, Women’s and Open (Men/Couples) Beginners/Brush-up Shooting classes, Private Lessons, and CCW (Conceal Carry Weapon) permit classes. 

Women's and Open (Men & Women/Couples) Beginners/Brush-up shooting classes include:

  • Shooting range requirements, range safety rules, firing line commands
  • Firearms safety, rules of safe gun handling, awareness of surroundings
  • Various makes and parts of a gun
  • Basic pistol handling with grip & stance, aim & sighting-in techniques
  • Different caliber cartridges
  • Holsters including concealed carry, magazines, speed loaders, belts and gun bags
  • Concealable weapons, pointers and placement
  • Clearing a gun jam or what to do if there’s a malfunction
  • Gun cleaning techniques, tools and cleaners/solvents/lubricants
  • NRA membership and insurance for yourself & your weapon(s)
  • Inspection of your gun and shooting instruction

*Private lessons available for individuals, couples or groups/organizations

Personal Self-Defense, hand-to-hand contact with leverage techniques

The Personal Self-Defense part of the club hosts our popular Seminars, Presentations and Mini-Workshops In-home or other location of choice for 4 to 10 individuals.  This is not the typical heavy-hitting, high-kicking style of martial arts but proven, easy to grasp techniques.  The object is to use simple maneuvers, leverage and to immobilize an attacker with debilitating strikes to vulnerable parts of the body thus giving the victim time to get away or get to a firearm or other weapon.

We demonstrate other forms of weaponry or means of protection for women such as the tactical flashlight, personal alarms, how to secure your home, what to do in a public shooting, awareness when getting in and out of your vehicle or walking through a parking lot and general safe traveling tips. 

We emphasize Awareness Development, Personal Empowerment and the Personal Safety Zone.

For  Club Shooting activities, Women's or Open (Men/Couples) Beginners/Brush-up Shooting classes, Private Lessons or CCW permit classes, contact Peggy Pope at 702-346-6149.

For Personal Self-Defense Seminars, Presentations or In-Home Mini-Workshops contact Becky Hoff at 702-345-3134.