Women's Defensive Weaponry Club

Our mission is to help people, especially women, seniors, teen girls & kidslearn self-defense, armed or unarmed, from beginners on up.

Please see the Schedule page at WDW Training Center, find the link below, for classes/training, shoot meets and other activities.

Something new: Retention & Presentation Class, post CCW practical application.

Please consider donating to WDW Training Center, Inc., which will help support us in our endeavors of teaching people, especially women, seniors, teens & kids, to protect themselves. 

WDW Training Center is the proud recipient of a 2017 & 2018 NRA Grant.​​

Welcome to WDW: the business knows as Women's Defensive Weaponry Club along with this site and it's contents have been consolidated into WDW Training Center, Inc. website.  WDW Training Center is a non-profit, 501c3, entity.  Please click onto the link below for information, training and activities schedule. Thank You.  The website link is WDWTrainingCenter.org